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For the past 10 years, Brett Deming, Andrew Hopson, and Joey Goldsmith have worked together in a Challenge Course design and building capacity, as well as in program design, creation, and implementation. Between us, we have accrued over 40 years experience in the adventure education industry. We all have long histories of program design and implementation: including indoor climbing gyms, paddling outings and float trips, backcountry travel, rock and ice climbing, fishing excursions, ski clinics, cycling expeditions, and Challenge Course programming – both here in the United States and abroad. Our decision to become commercial Challenge Course designers has grown out of our passion for people and our belief that well designed adventure experiences can and do change lives. The structures are man-made, but the experiences are real. We take great joy and much pride not only in the structural integrity of our courses, but also in the integrity of relationships formed during the consultation & design process, the technical trainings associated with the course’s use, and the ongoing adaptations, inspections, and improvements through the life of the course. We recognize that in a course’s lifetime, thousands of participants will have experiences on your Low and High Challenge Courses, and that many of those people will have life-changing experiences on the structures and elements we build. That is a huge responsibility; and we approach our work with fitting respect - even awe

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"The counselors and staff enjoyed every activity and gave raving reviews on our counselor evaluation form"

Assistant Director, Furman Bridges Program

"I felt the way training progressed each day was perfect and made everything easier to learn. They kept the training fun by playing games to help us get to know and learn about each other"

Camp Bob Cooper summer staff

"Very balanced in hard and soft skills. Prompt, dedicated, and driven to teach others. Willing to listen to everything we said and take it into account."

Youth Learning Institute - Clemson University


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